Remove Salt from Agricultural Soils

Salt B Gone is a blend of nanotized microbes designed to reduce salt and alkalinity in soils. This proprietary blend of microbes will break down the complex salts into mineral form, and further convert them into plant usable form or a waste product that can be washed out of our soils naturally.

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Make your fields productive again

Salt-B-Gone is designed to reduce salinity in soil. It creates a better environment that helps condition the soil for improved plant performance and vigor. Frequent application of dry minterals and lime can create soil compactions and pH instability. During and after this treatment, avoid applying other high-salt-based fertilizer products.

Our proprietary, industry-exclusive blend works like no other. We use microbes to heal badly degraded soils.

Sick of other products not working? Salt-B-Gone will make your fields productive again.

Salt Problems

Look familiar?

Fields with visible salt deposits mean the soil has become highly degraded. This causes water to flow away from plant roots, back toward the soil. Plants experience severe dehydration and even death. This level of degradation will have a tremendous impact on your crop yield.

Irrigated fields tend to experience the problems of soil salinity with increased severity.

High salinity in soil can also affect soil physicochemical properties and the overall ecological balance of an area.

Microbial soil solutions can play a "significant role" in battling these conditions, according to the NIH.


Easy to use

Salt-B-Gone is very easy to handle and use. Designed to work with liquid fertilizer formulations, irrigation systems, and sprinkler systems. Our formulation is fast-acting and will absorb well into your soil.

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Mix with 15-20 gallons of water per acre

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Spray directly onto infected fields

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Fast acting & maximum absorbency

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Easy to handle & tank mix

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100% water soluble & bio-available

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Apply through irrigation systems or fertigated through sprinkler systems

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Mixed with various liquid fertilizer formulations

Put your soil to work for you.


Field Maintenance

Use 1 cup per acre mixed with starter fertilizer and run through in-furrow.

Spray on Field Correction

Use 2 quarts of Salt-B-Gone per acre, mixed with 15-20 gallons of water and spray topical.

Furrow Correction

Use 1 quart of Salt B Gone per acre mixed with starter fertilizer and run in-furrow.

Dead Zone Spot Correction

Use 1-2 gallons of Salt-B-Gone mixed with 15-20 gallons of water and spray topical.

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Industry leader
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Salt-B-Gone is a microbial soil desalinization technology, brought to you by the labs of New Age Farming, LLC, an award-winning industry leader in farming solutions. Products from New Age Farming have been sold and used all over the United States, with our garden product reaching customers in Lowes, Home Depot, and Amazon. New Age Farming owns and operates and

Salt-B-Gone is owned by Brady Krchnavy, who founded New Age Farming in 2012. He has over a decade and a half of helping farmers improve soil health and yield potential.

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